Thailand Hotel Reservation & Booking Service

Welcome to our Thai hotel, a comfortable, home from home in one of the most beautiful, exotic countries in the world. We will look after your every need and make sure your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible. We aim to offer the best service available to our guests, to make sure they enjoy their time spent with us. Everything you would need and expect is catered for. We have great quality beds, linen, facilities, and food here in our hotel. we will make sure you feel welcomed, looked after, and comfortable, on your stay with us. Our hospitality is renowned and all our guests agree we offer the most relaxed and satisfying experience to everyone who stays with us.

Our food menu is full of exceptional choices, with a range of traditional Thai dishes available. The exotic flavours and delicious fragrances we offer are sure to delight. Whether it’s our amazing pad thai noodles or spicy Som Tum Papaya Salad, you will love our mouth-watering food. We also offer a range of freshly fried dishes all prepared with our brand new fryer we have had fitted. So after you have had a day exploring what our local area has to offer you will be eager to return and enjoy our delicious meals. So whether it’s noodles, rice, soup, curry, or salad, we can guarantee there will be something on offer here to excite your taste-buds and delight your palate. The menu we offer has been designed to encapsulate the essence of Thailand, the bright colours, exotic smells, and delightful spice, all prepared freshly for you every day.

Our Thai cooking emphasizes on dishes with delicious aromatic ingredients and adds a spicy edge. We pay a great attention to detail on the texture, colour, and taste of our food to ensure you have the best meals available. With traditional Thai cuisine being voted as some best dishes in the world, you know you are in good hands. We are sure once you have tasted our food you will agree.

We believe that our hotel will be somewhere you will cherish and wish to return to for years to come. We will endeavour to make sure your time with us and your stay in Thailand is an experience you will remember warmly for the rest of your life.
There is nothing we value more than our customer’s satisfaction and greatly look forward to your time spent with us.

Thailand Cave Explorer

As I step into the mouth of the enormous cave, I am immediately struck by the scale and beauty of the complex rock formations within, creating incredible shapes and patterns. The size of this ancient cavern takes my breath away and I stand a while in an attempt to take it all in. Slowly and carefully, I move forward over the uneven ground into the cool darkness, using a torch to illuminate my path.

The adventure is over

The walls of the cave are composed of many colours, with various shades of grey and brown and splashes of stark white. Pointing the Nitecore torch upward, my light picks out hundreds of stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave. The limestone fingers reach down high above my head in dramatic and majestic fashion, whilst the stalagmites around me appear to rise from the floor to greet them.

Venturing further inside, the temperature cools noticeably and the darkness envelopes me. I proceed slowly, picking out a suitable pathway, careful not to trip up or bump into anything. A naturally formed series of steps takes me to a higher level and I find a smooth ledge where I am able to sit comfortably and survey my surroundings. The light from my torch scans the chamber and bit by bit the full grandeur of this place reveals itself to me.

But, all too soon it’s time to leave. The adventure is over and I make my way back out towards the light and into the warmth of the sun. It’s an experience I will never forget, and I am inspired and determined to explore more of Thailand’s magnificent caves.

Asian Hotel

Here at Asian Hotel, you will happily and meaningfully spend your holiday.

The 185 luxuriously, fully equipped and beautifully furnished rooms and suites are facilities, each with its own color T.V. in house satellite system, multi channel radio and music, a telephone and refrigerator. Asian Hotel The Pride of Hat Yai.

At Lucky Restaurant, gentle atmosphere can be felt elegantly whilst dining, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and European cuisines are prepared traditional by skillful chefs. The choice is yours. Here you will be entertained with live music.

Lucky B.B.Q. & Shabu Shabu invites you to step in and enjoy an evening to remember, enjoy a scrumptious meal with a choice of a wide variety of sea food and refreshments including deserts and soft drinks. Whilst listening to live music.

Naam Nipat & Hat K-la, a conference room of 350 people, is the multi purpose room for business seminars, meeting, or conferences as well as parties.
Time to relax : Let our professional skillful masseuses relive your tension and revitalize you by coming to ONLY YOU traditional massage parlor, the ancient massage.
Angels and heaven are the dreams of most people, Asian Barber Shop is the place where skillful barber girls are waiting to serve you.
Kabuki Exclusive Club offers you an unforgettable experience of real Karaoke, the locals outnumber visitors and you are an honored guest at Kabuki.
The Asian Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Business and Shopping, the area of second to none.

A journey on a very long winding road is endless. Travelers arrive and depart, it never ends The Asian Hotel, the unique hotel is always awaiting for you to come back to enhance your enjoyment.

Chiva Som Hotel Hua Hin

Chiva-Som is the only spa and fitness resort of world-class standard in Souteast Asia. Devoted to a fun, healthy lifestyle, this modern, purpose-built facility is dedicated to bringing you the best and bringing out your best. From the white-sanded beach, past the swimming pool and into the spa and treatment buildings, life at Chiva-Som revolves around pursuing a balance of good health, peace of mind and, most enticingly, pleasure and comfort.

Room Decor & Room Facilities: Whether it is pampering or weight loss, stress reduction or relaxation, every facet is catered for here. As a dedicated health resort, Chiva-Som provides a controlled environment where actual health benefits can be gained. Yet no expense has been spared to ensure that this environment is one of exquisite luxury, combining the best of traditional Thai hospitality with world-class health facilities, treatments and services.
Whatever you wish of a holiday, our experts will help you to achieve maximum results and to continue the benefits when you return home. From the moment you step into Chiva-Som, you know you’ve entered into idyllic setting perfect for a natural and healthy lifestyle. Don’t expect too many to share your haven of life, however. Situated on a sever-acre site on the royal beach resort of Hua Hin, Chiva-Som offers just 57 accommodation units. Thai-style pavilions provide privacy with traditional charm, while all ocean view rooms and suites give you a view of sunrise over the Gulf of Thailand. Chiva-Som’s specialized international and Thai designers have worked together to deliver a masterpiece of compelling simplicity in architecture, coupled with a sophistication of detail in finishing and furnishing. Chiva-Som will banish forever the clinical and isolated image of many other spas. Completed at a cost of 26 million US dollars, Chiva-Som takes its place among the leading health resorts of the world.

Location: Chiva Som Resort is Located in Hua Hin, a small beach resort around 150 Km out of Bangkok.